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Caprese Salad Recipe | Mario Batali | Recipe

Remove the tomatoes from your oven and permit them to cool for you to space temperature. Brush the actual tomatoes with the essential olive oil and season using salt as well as pepper. Carefully lift the actual tomatoes by the stems and also gently rest 1 cluster atop every serving of cheese, choosing the largest clusters. Season the actual burrata along with sea salt as well as spoon one teaspoon regarding pesto over each as well as every portion of cheese. Drizzle about 1/2 teaspoon in the finishing-quality olive oil more than every salad, scatter your micro or even miniature basil leaves or use scissors in order to snip one big basil leaf more than each and every salad, and serve.

Slow-Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

2 9-ounce packages Sunsweet tomatoes about stems, or 1 pound sweet tiny tomatoes

1 tablespoon additional virgin olive oil

1 teaspoon Kosher salt

1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper

Adjust the particular oven rack to the middle po rtion and preheat the particular oven in order to 300F.

Place any wire rack at the particular top of a baking sheet.

From your kitchen regarding Mario Batali


Servings:Over 8

Difficulty: Easy

Cook Time: 60-120 min

It's the big daddy of grilling holidays this weekend -- or perhaps at least the one fathers such as greatest -- and also celebrity chef Mario Batali regarding ABC's "The Chew" stopped simply by "Good Morning America" to talk about a quantity of strategies for grilling pertaining to dad. Gently lift your tomatoes out with the boxes, fostering to be able to keep your tomatoes attached to the stems just just as much as possible. Deliver the particular tomatoes to become able to room temperature before serving.

Recipe courtesy Mario Batali.

. Use scissors to reduce t he actual tomatoes directly into clusters associated with one, two or 3 tomatoes. Use the actual tomatoes or perhaps include using plastic cover and retailer from space temperature with regard to up to 1 day as well as refrigerate for approximately 3 days. Location the particular tomatoes within the oven to become able to roast until their own skins are shriveled but the tomatoes are usually still plump, regarding 1-1/2 hours. Stack an additional cluster together with the first, using the stem at an opposing angle, and then stack the particular remaining clusters along with the first, developing a little piles regarding tomatoes a couple of or perhaps 3 stacks high, along with concerning five to seven tomatoes for each serving. Treat the particular dad in your existence proper this Sunday with Mario's recipe pertaining to caprese salad.


1-1/2 pounds refreshing burrata

Maldon sea salt or even another flaky sea salt, for example fleur de sel

1/4 cup additionally two tablespoons basil pesto

30-40 slow roasted cherry tomatoes (recipe below)

Finishing-quality added virgin olive oil

30-40 refreshing micro or even miniature basil leaves as well as 6 big clean basil leaves pertaining to garnish

Cooking Directions

Cut the burrata into 6 equal-size segments and also lay each segment, cut facet up, on the salad plate

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